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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Frank Keyes Foster, Son-in-Law of Calvin Palmer Ladd and Polly Harmon

Our ancestors Calvin Palmer Ladd and Polly Harmon had a total of eight children before Polly's death in 1861 (Calvin would have one more child later in life with his second wife, Charlotte Welsh). We descend through Calvin and Polly's second child, Elizabeth Ladd, who married into the successful Bulmer family of Montreal.  Elizabeth's youngest sister, Lucretia Ella Ladd, born in 1853 when Elizabeth was thirteen, had quite a different type of husband.  In 1879 Lucretia Ella married Frank Keyes Foster, American trade unionist.  The book Workers in America:  A Historical Encyclopedia, Volume 1 by Robert E. Weir (2013, ABC-Clio publications) has quite a bit of information about his career.  A journalist, activist and would-be politician, life in the Foster home must have been very stimulating.  I am left wondering what the relationship between the Bulmers and the Fosters would have been like--did politics create a divide between the sisters?   By the time Lucretia married Frank, her mother Polly had passed away. Her father Calvin died in 1880, so could not have known his radical son-in-law for long.

Here is Frank's biography from Workers in America.  

Here's a link to Foster's biography in Wikipedia, which mentions that he was a trustee of the Boston Public Library (hooray!).

Friday, March 18, 2016

A Short Obituary for Margaret (Whitfield) Berkeley

I found a short death notice for Margaret Berkeley, sister of Eleanor Whitfield, and daughter of James Whitfield, peruke-maker in London, and Ann Unknown.  Doesn't give a death date, but this is from the Oxford University and City Herald, July 11, 1807.